December 2nd, 2010 Conference

Power to the People

Distributed Generation & Microgrids

Policy | Economics | Technology

The innovation and integration of renewable energy generation and smart grid technology are changing the way we can produce energy. In this new environment, Distributed Generation & Microgrids can play an unprecedented role in increasing efficiency, replacing non-renewable energy sources and reducing carbon emissions.

  • What is the potential of distributed generation to meet electricity demand?
  • What are the leading technologies driving current and future growth?
  • What are the key technical, logistical and economic hurdles in accelerating deployment?

Panel 1 - Consumers Turned Producers

The State of Distributed Generation

A macro-level overview of the Distributed Generation & Microgrid space and how it fits into the energy equation.

Moderator: Helen Priest, PG&E

Confirmed Panelists:

  • Chris Marnay, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories
  • Eric Dresselhuys, Silver Spring Networks
  • Eric Wesoff, Greentech Media
  • Peter Asmus, Pike Research
  • Sky Stanfield, Keyes & Fox

Panel 2 - Scaling Down to Size

The Technology Landscape

A discussion led by current innovators on the technologies that will produce, manage and store distributed energy.

Moderator: Matt Lecar, GE Smart Grid

Confirmed Panelists:

  • Carrie McLaughlin, Nordic WindPower
  • Kevin Passalacqua, Bloom Energy
  • Liang Downey, Nextek Power Systems
  • Ed Sappin, BP Solar

Panel 3 - Stories from Off the Grid

Lessons from DG & Microgrids in Operation

Industry leaders discuss their experiences with financing, installing and operating Distributed Generation & Microgrid technologies, identifying major obstacles to accelerating investment and adoption in the immediate and short-term.

Moderator: Olaf Groth, Monitor 360

Confirmed Panelists:

  • Matt Heling, PG&E
  • Sheldon Kimber, Recurrent
  • Matt Singleton, ProLogis
  • Ryan Levinson, Wells Fargo


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